I've got a lucky ticket

I’ve got a lucky ticket


Various NYU Jordan Center articles. Journalism/CR Nonfiction. Read more at The Jordan Center

Copy Editing for New Eastern Europe.

(2016) They’re Not Pretending Anymore. GMR. Creative Non-Fiction. (Winner of Neil Shepard Prize).

(2016). Barfly Test. Writer’s Block at Loft Literary Center.

(2015). A Steppe Forward. Abay the foundations of Kazakh Poetry. Asymptote.

(2015) Learning to Toast with Horilka. Roads and Kingdoms. Journalism.

(2015) Reluctant Leader. Open Democracy. Journalism.

(2015)Why Is Lit Taught Like English Is Dead? The Mondegreen. Journalism.

(2015) From Russian With Love: Russian Dumplings. Lucky Peach.

(2014). Translating the Soviet Union: A Guide to Getting Russia. Asymptote. Book Review.

(2014). An Interview with DJ Gmorozov. The Mondegreen.

(2014). Russian Street Food Goes Underground. Lucky Peach.

(2014) 1000-year-old Family Fun Day: Sabantuy. Roads and Kingdoms. Journalism.

(2014). Cultural Capital in Moskva-Petushki. Philology and Culture.

(2013). Bahetle. Lucky Peach.[Nominated for James Beard Award]

(2010-2012). Monthly Art & Culture Articles and Reviews. InSite Magazine.

Also pieces in FENCE.

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(2008). Food Avenue. West 10th Magazine.


  • Fiction and Exploding Head

    A Head Exploding With Fiction Ideas

(2016). Survival Guide to Train Riding in Russia. Storm Cellar Review.

(2016). Don’t Let This Happen To You. Black Sun Lit.

(2015). Death Fish. Apt.

(2014). The Swipe. Fine Flue Journal.

(2012). Keep It Down. Smokelong Quarterly.

(2012). Upper/Lower. Black Warrior Review.

(2012). No Talking. NANO Fiction.

(2012). From The Life Of. Gargoyle Magazine.


(2013). Poetry translation. Gargoyle.

(2013). Prefer These Lips. Los Angeles Review. Translation.

(2012). Pathetic. The Journal. Translation.

(2012). Regarding Inhuman Fate. Birmingham Poetry Review.

(2011). Two Poems, Georgy Ivanov. Asymptote.

(2011). For Mercy Products. Broome Street Review.


(2007). Animals Eating Animals.

(2007). 8 Strange Sword Attacks.

(2007). Raising the Bar.

(2007). 52 Bad Places.

INSITE for the curious:

(2011) Twenty Most Interesting People Profile. InSite Magazine.

(2011) Mars Laser Tag and Pub Review. InSite Magazine.

(2011) Diary of an Enhanced Male. InSite Magazine.

(2011) Steve Jobs. Book Review. InSite Magazine.

(2011) The Dawn Patrol. Don Winslow. Book Review. InSite Magazine.

(2011) Cinco Loco Challenge. InSite Magazine.

(2011) Diary of a Relaxed Male. InSite Magazine.

(2010) Summer Entertainment Guide. InSite Magazine.

(2010) Thanksgiving Recipe Rescue. . InSite Magazine.

(2010) Maui Teriyaki Restaurant Review. InSite Magazine.

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