My face drawn

Besides my creative writing and Easten Europe memoir and novel, I am also a reporter churning out copy daily.

Who knows? Maybe there will be some links hidden somewhere in these texts one day.

Plus what’s more, I have taught (and continue to on and off) at the Loft Literary Center and for Minneapolis Community Education. Both are great organizations and one of just many reasons to live where it is sooo cold.


About Me

Ever since I were a wee lad, I always wanted to build a website for the purposes of marketing my existence. True, I may spend more time on this website meant to make my written work more accessible to the world than actually writing that work. And true, the cost of existential angst may be high, but according to the cynic go-getter-silicon-valley people whose books I read about having a platform, it is as necessary as showering daily.

Because you know what? Life is too short to actual creative art. If you truly have a job you are dedicated to, all the time that’s left is to create the illusion that you engender creative output.

That’s why I am writing words here on this page. I am trying to pick words like writing, fiction, poetry, translation, magazine, literature, editing, copywriting, content writing and more so that the search engine crawlers find these.

I am always looking to interview people for the magazine or to be interviewed to promote the magazine. If you think we might have some literary interests in common or whatever then let me know.

One day this may translate to some kind of nursing/writing project. I dunno. A memoir? Journalism? We shall see.

But seriously, I lived in Russia, Kazakhstan and Albania as an English Language Fellow. I have also done quite a bit of commercial writing and social media marketing. I worked as a video describer for some years. Oh, and I graduate this year with a Master’s of Nursing degree. Maybe one day I will combine these powers to write for a hospital, or something. Not to mention the creative writing!

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