Harry Leeds

Author, Nurse, Cat Papa

I was put on this Earth to give out sage advice and better-than-mediocre writing, and I’m all out of sage advice.

I have written about the former USSR extensively and have translated many poems from Russian. Plus there are my very funny, super-meta 4-th-wall-breaking short stories. Are you reading one of those right now?

Also, copy writing.

Recently I have been reporting for beincrypto.com

I am Editor in Chief of the MumberMag, which finally launched Issue 1 in April 2020. We will do all we can to continue publishing the best stuff, paying our writers, and delivery good ol’ fashioned poetry and whanot.

I also do developmental editing.


I care for the sick people. I have been doing it all my life. Why not make a career out of it?

oh hai fillow me on soshul midia




2 degrees in writing? What were you thinking?

To be completely truthful, yes I am becoming a nurse and the average nurse makes 10x more than the average full-time writer (I mean full-time writers make an average of about $6000 a year). But I am doing it for the feeling of helping someone every day. It is hard work to deal with the death and whanot. But you go meet someone and make them smile on the worst day of their life, and then tell me how hard this job is.

I think that’s just about enough text for one homepage, don’t you?

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