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Break from of what holds you back. I can help.

You can learn a bit about my editing here. Aside from editing the extremely attractive new online magazine MumberMag (plug)   , I also can do developmental editing for you. I am an extremely earnest person I can be your cheerleader but I will not lie to you. If you want someone to write you dialogue for you, well, I mean I wouldn’t say no. But I mean this is Gestalt Therapy for writers. It is so much easier to see the flaw in someone else’s work, which is why I am such a good editor. Here are the thoughts of William T. Invented, one of my old clients:

I am total bullshit testimonial designed to catch you in a weak moment and have you pay me your hard-earned cash.

…so if you want to pay me to do your copy writing/editing, or even your translation from Russian into English, I have 5 years experience already doing that shit on the cheap. Here is what one of my superiors said when I asked if he would be my reference for a content writer gig:

Yeah, no problem, man.

So be sure to contact me or follow the magazine if you want to know more.